Thursday, 6 May 2010

Water Brief

I wasn't the keenest bean for this brief, my mind couldnt channel how broad it was on a subject i didnt have love for but i thought that within this industry there are going to be briefs that come along that dont quite tickle your pickle but you want the money it pays so i quit my whining and got to work. Raking my brain for nights wondering what to base it on when i thought to myself, fishermen, people working on water, water as a business to feed families, how many people count on the seas to earn a living... this was all well and good but i couldnt find a way in that i was interested in. i was working within the same group as before minus micheal and although being a group we were working individually.

After being stuck on what to do the thought came to me, by the legend that is Mr Ross Kemp. Ross Kemp On Pirates was a series out just before this brief started, he spent the series trying to get in the minds of and understand the Somalian Pirates. This group of people live on the waters, escaping the law, taking hostages, robbing, killing and spending money on expensive lifestyles, mansions and cars. I found them all facinating, the reasons they are doing it, how they do it. to display this piece of work i wanted to go into unknown teritory and make a special pull out for a newspaper like the guardian or independant.

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