Friday, 14 May 2010

Trip To New York

On November the 8th there was a 5 day long trip to the big apple NY City. there we saw artists like Bill Viola whos work was very interesting with a viewpoint on the human body that blew a few visiters away. The trip to NY was a jaw dropper visit at the shere size and scale of the city around you. This was my second visit but i enjoyed it more than the 1st, i could definatly see myself living and working over there, theres so much oppertunity in the multimedia fields. I saw tourist attractions like ground zero which is just a building site, literally, if you want to see builders bums and feel emotional about it, get yourself down. Also central park, went up the empire state and saw the views from there, very high up, very windy, grab a coat and a roll of quarters and you'll have the time of your life with them binoculars. also did abit of shopping, macys, you know how it is, got me some fresh sneakers, NY exclusives only thank you. Not seen no one with them over here so they've done their job. Also ate like an Amereican for a week, McDs, Traditional Diners, Burger King, sweeties, TGIs... all the healthy stuff. The travel time going from manchester to london, to NY then the same on the way back took the wee wee. i'd have rather swam with my suitcase on my back, against the tide. Not grumbling i had a great time. I definatly took more in the second time round, i snapped their culture with my camera and got a fair few nice shots and a nice bit of research for my DOOR(WAY) Brief. I was sad to leave but i'll go back. I brought back a fridge magnet for my mum, she hated it.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Trip to New York Research

Door(Way) Brief: In My group here is, Micheal, Naomi and Olivia. We are working on this brief together, bouncing ideas around and what we have come up with is to take the origins of a door and flip it on its head, we took the typical characteristics of a door, the handle, hinges, beading and wanted to push it into something it should be but isnt. We all felt very keen to get into the 3D woodworks studio and sharpen our skills so what we decided to do was take these door characteristics and put the into another shape, a cube. now that was as far as the restrictions went, aslong as it looks like or is a cube then whatever we individually do to our own cubes wont stop them looking part of the same family. We had to come up with a theme that we were all interested in that would link them all together, we decided on city scapes and seeing as 3/4 of the group were going to NY we wanted to make a city to city link.

While in New York i was looking for inspirations for my cube when i was snapping pictures and saw the amount of yellow cabs, it was a joke how many there were. i thought to myself, now a cab door is a door that can take you anywhere in a city, you open the door, say your destination pay the man and there you are. Then the ideas started running i thought about painting the outside of my cube like a traditional yellow cab, with a handle on the door, hinges so it opens out and on the inside, a scene from a skyline or city scape. I also wanted the inside and out to contrast with the colours, obviously a yellow cab is bright but i wanted to capture the night time feel of a city scape so thats what i decided.

Water Brief

I wasn't the keenest bean for this brief, my mind couldnt channel how broad it was on a subject i didnt have love for but i thought that within this industry there are going to be briefs that come along that dont quite tickle your pickle but you want the money it pays so i quit my whining and got to work. Raking my brain for nights wondering what to base it on when i thought to myself, fishermen, people working on water, water as a business to feed families, how many people count on the seas to earn a living... this was all well and good but i couldnt find a way in that i was interested in. i was working within the same group as before minus micheal and although being a group we were working individually.

After being stuck on what to do the thought came to me, by the legend that is Mr Ross Kemp. Ross Kemp On Pirates was a series out just before this brief started, he spent the series trying to get in the minds of and understand the Somalian Pirates. This group of people live on the waters, escaping the law, taking hostages, robbing, killing and spending money on expensive lifestyles, mansions and cars. I found them all facinating, the reasons they are doing it, how they do it. to display this piece of work i wanted to go into unknown teritory and make a special pull out for a newspaper like the guardian or independant.

Monster Munch

Competition Brief: There were many briefs to choose from ranging from bacardi breezers, H.M Samual to the brief i chose, advertising and increasing the sales of monster much crisp amongst students. I liked the thought of this brief and saw it as a lot of fun, i am after all a student so i already know and are around the market im aiming for, also monster munch and the monster characters they have can be played with and brought to life in a fun way i thought.

My first idea was to grab the most studenty looking geezer i know (Johnny from Work) shabby long hair, unwashed, beany hat, dirty sneakers, scruffy jeans and constantly hungover... he fit the bill, and i wanted to do a juno like 'walking in the street to the shops to buy monster munch' stopframe animation. i love the style of stopframe animation and how home made and rustic it can look but still maintaining its professional feel. this was what i wanted, not quite perfect crisp animation but still great all the same. As the idea was coming about it naturally changed as the focus on the student was taking away the limelight from the monsters.

I decided to make the animation as if it were being seen from the eyes of the student, walking in the shop, buying the monster munch and suprisingly being served by the monsters and them reacting to which monster munch flavour he grabs.

This allowed me to use the camera from my eye and direct the animation completely using photos from my camera. I was pleased with this idea and tried to take it as far as, the photoshop and after effects work was tedious, making an image move is a lot of work with such a short resulting animation that you end up with.

Ident Brief

We were told to make a TV channel iDent. this brief go me excited. i really like editing and filming taking the directors role and view point with the camera so i wanted to definatly do something with live footage.

The channel i chose was


Dave is my favourite channel, comedy, jokes, cars, a proper lads channel. Ideas flew through my mind of what to do, what to do with my live action idea? i brainstormed and came to the conclusion i wanted to base my i dent idea around lads living in a house. Like a lads student flat, and these lads were based around myself and my mates. I thought about how to link this idea to DAVE and i came up with this... having a character called Dave in this flat with us.

But that would be too simple. So i had this idea that dave should be the friend that is the clown of the group, the joker, the guy that gets into strange situations and loves to tell the story. Dave the Legend. His storys travel far of his antics and then i thought, what if Dave was only spoken about and never seen? His mates could tell stories about him or pranks hes done to them or them to him. But the outcome of the Ident is always the same... Dave Is Funny. My idea plays on Dave the Character and DAVE the channel.

I wrote scripts after researching comedy sketches and comedians, not the worst homework i've had, but the challange was to fit quick comedy into 15 seconds, really hard to write for, even harder to film.

Having this idea opened the door to make more than one ident, maybe a series of them, always before and after a dave program you would see these characters having a laugh that you too can get along with, the audience wants to hear what the character dave has been up to.

I dragged my friends round, grabbed a camera and a mic and filmed these sketches. had a laugh doing so and the feedback from them was great.


Another Competition Brief. This time doritos.

anybody could join in this hype, between £100,00 - £200,000 1st prize winner was a prize that many will attempt to get so the levels may be high and the idea good. i struggled with what i wanted to do and my ideas, couldn't think how to entertain and advertise doritos.

eventually there was an idea of using my hands in a jesture that shows a triangle negative space and i thought about placing a mouth in this space saying something.

I am really interested in making music so i thought to bring this interest into this brief, i made a beat and wrote a little catchy tune, it would have to be catchy to win over the audience, could also be played on radio.

I wanted some kind of mouth to voice the lyrics in this beat but wondered exactly how to do it. i was in a classroom full of my classmates and ideas for my advert started getting thrown about, a bit of banter and the advert came about. Afew of the suggestions were a little too rude to air at all on TV but making the ideas less extreme were still funny. the idea of making a little mouth out of your thumb and index finger and painting on the hand a mouth and eyes sounded like a fun idea to take the path of, its simple, basic and everyone can do it, apart from handless people.

i thought to have the main star sat in shot all the way through the advert with these little mouth hands coming into the shot aligned with the characters mouth. so the camera would show a mouth hand talking the lyrics to my beat in time with the words exactly and all infront of the character on screens mouth so it looks like hes saying it but in an amusing way. Its Good To Share.

Thursday, 24 September 2009