Thursday, 6 May 2010

Ident Brief

We were told to make a TV channel iDent. this brief go me excited. i really like editing and filming taking the directors role and view point with the camera so i wanted to definatly do something with live footage.

The channel i chose was


Dave is my favourite channel, comedy, jokes, cars, a proper lads channel. Ideas flew through my mind of what to do, what to do with my live action idea? i brainstormed and came to the conclusion i wanted to base my i dent idea around lads living in a house. Like a lads student flat, and these lads were based around myself and my mates. I thought about how to link this idea to DAVE and i came up with this... having a character called Dave in this flat with us.

But that would be too simple. So i had this idea that dave should be the friend that is the clown of the group, the joker, the guy that gets into strange situations and loves to tell the story. Dave the Legend. His storys travel far of his antics and then i thought, what if Dave was only spoken about and never seen? His mates could tell stories about him or pranks hes done to them or them to him. But the outcome of the Ident is always the same... Dave Is Funny. My idea plays on Dave the Character and DAVE the channel.

I wrote scripts after researching comedy sketches and comedians, not the worst homework i've had, but the challange was to fit quick comedy into 15 seconds, really hard to write for, even harder to film.

Having this idea opened the door to make more than one ident, maybe a series of them, always before and after a dave program you would see these characters having a laugh that you too can get along with, the audience wants to hear what the character dave has been up to.

I dragged my friends round, grabbed a camera and a mic and filmed these sketches. had a laugh doing so and the feedback from them was great.

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