Thursday, 27 August 2009


This Is Pokemon, Ash Ketchum Embarks On An Amazing Journey Filled With Friendship, Danger, Excitement And Trust With His Pokemon Friends To Become A Pokemon Master! Oh Yes, A Pokemon Master.

When I Was Younger I Was A Huge Fan Of Pokemon, Whether It Was Collecting The Cards, Watching The Series Or Playing The Popular Gameboy Game. I Was A PokeManiac (Official Word).

I Wanted To Look At This Because Of The Animation, Aswell As This I Was Looking A Yu-Gi-Oh And How That Animation Series Works. They Have Zoom In On Stills, Black And White Sketchy Drawings, Stopframe Animation, Animation When The Whole Picture Is Still But The Mouth Is Moving When Characters Are Talking, They Are Clever With Their Drawings And Expressing Characters Emotions Especially In the Face.

The Game Boy Game Was Very Well Made, Very Simple As It Had To Be But Addictive Yet Frustrating Like A Good Game Should Be. Ive Tried To Find An Example To Put In My Blog But Theres Nothing That Expresses The Game For What It Was.

Pokemon Was/Is Huge, Cards, Games, T.V Series, They Had Entire Media Covered, I Think That Was Partly Behind Its Success.


A Series Of Images When Shown Quickly Becomes An Animation Of Movement And Your Eye Fills In The Gaps Confusing The Mind Into Thinking It Is Continuous. These Images Happen To Show My Lady Friend Descending Down A Hill, Slowly But Surely. I Was Taking Pictures Of Her On My Phone Incase She Fell For A Classic Shot Head Over Heels But She Didn't So I've Put Her Antics In My Blog To Show Moving Animation From A Series Of Images.
Scroll-Mation Is A Newly Invented Form Of Animation, Scroll Down The Page Quickly To See The Images Come To Life.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Pokemon Series

This Is Part Of Pokemon Episode 1. I Have Been Looking At This Because It Was A blast From The Past From My Childhood And I Love The Animation Style. Pokemon Was A World Wide Craze And Is Still Going Now Even Though It Lost Its Edge. Animations Like This One Seem To Be Dying Out.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Gareth Morgan Exhibition

This Exhibit Was Held At The Corner House. The 5 Pictures You See Were All That Was Displayed Disapointingly, I Felt Like I Wanted More Because I Really Love These 5 Pieces, The Style Really Grabbed My Attention, The Cartoon Look They Posses And The Bizzare Characters Being Shown.

I Really Like The Picture Above Out Of Them All, The Colour Sheme And The Character In Distress Looking At A Book With The Paper Scattered Around Him. It Could Symbolise So Many Things, I Could See This Character In An Animation, Alot Could Be Done With Him.

Gareth Morgan Exhibit