Thursday, 6 May 2010


Another Competition Brief. This time doritos.

anybody could join in this hype, between £100,00 - £200,000 1st prize winner was a prize that many will attempt to get so the levels may be high and the idea good. i struggled with what i wanted to do and my ideas, couldn't think how to entertain and advertise doritos.

eventually there was an idea of using my hands in a jesture that shows a triangle negative space and i thought about placing a mouth in this space saying something.

I am really interested in making music so i thought to bring this interest into this brief, i made a beat and wrote a little catchy tune, it would have to be catchy to win over the audience, could also be played on radio.

I wanted some kind of mouth to voice the lyrics in this beat but wondered exactly how to do it. i was in a classroom full of my classmates and ideas for my advert started getting thrown about, a bit of banter and the advert came about. Afew of the suggestions were a little too rude to air at all on TV but making the ideas less extreme were still funny. the idea of making a little mouth out of your thumb and index finger and painting on the hand a mouth and eyes sounded like a fun idea to take the path of, its simple, basic and everyone can do it, apart from handless people.

i thought to have the main star sat in shot all the way through the advert with these little mouth hands coming into the shot aligned with the characters mouth. so the camera would show a mouth hand talking the lyrics to my beat in time with the words exactly and all infront of the character on screens mouth so it looks like hes saying it but in an amusing way. Its Good To Share.

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