Friday, 14 May 2010

Trip To New York

On November the 8th there was a 5 day long trip to the big apple NY City. there we saw artists like Bill Viola whos work was very interesting with a viewpoint on the human body that blew a few visiters away. The trip to NY was a jaw dropper visit at the shere size and scale of the city around you. This was my second visit but i enjoyed it more than the 1st, i could definatly see myself living and working over there, theres so much oppertunity in the multimedia fields. I saw tourist attractions like ground zero which is just a building site, literally, if you want to see builders bums and feel emotional about it, get yourself down. Also central park, went up the empire state and saw the views from there, very high up, very windy, grab a coat and a roll of quarters and you'll have the time of your life with them binoculars. also did abit of shopping, macys, you know how it is, got me some fresh sneakers, NY exclusives only thank you. Not seen no one with them over here so they've done their job. Also ate like an Amereican for a week, McDs, Traditional Diners, Burger King, sweeties, TGIs... all the healthy stuff. The travel time going from manchester to london, to NY then the same on the way back took the wee wee. i'd have rather swam with my suitcase on my back, against the tide. Not grumbling i had a great time. I definatly took more in the second time round, i snapped their culture with my camera and got a fair few nice shots and a nice bit of research for my DOOR(WAY) Brief. I was sad to leave but i'll go back. I brought back a fridge magnet for my mum, she hated it.

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