Thursday, 6 May 2010

Trip to New York Research

Door(Way) Brief: In My group here is, Micheal, Naomi and Olivia. We are working on this brief together, bouncing ideas around and what we have come up with is to take the origins of a door and flip it on its head, we took the typical characteristics of a door, the handle, hinges, beading and wanted to push it into something it should be but isnt. We all felt very keen to get into the 3D woodworks studio and sharpen our skills so what we decided to do was take these door characteristics and put the into another shape, a cube. now that was as far as the restrictions went, aslong as it looks like or is a cube then whatever we individually do to our own cubes wont stop them looking part of the same family. We had to come up with a theme that we were all interested in that would link them all together, we decided on city scapes and seeing as 3/4 of the group were going to NY we wanted to make a city to city link.

While in New York i was looking for inspirations for my cube when i was snapping pictures and saw the amount of yellow cabs, it was a joke how many there were. i thought to myself, now a cab door is a door that can take you anywhere in a city, you open the door, say your destination pay the man and there you are. Then the ideas started running i thought about painting the outside of my cube like a traditional yellow cab, with a handle on the door, hinges so it opens out and on the inside, a scene from a skyline or city scape. I also wanted the inside and out to contrast with the colours, obviously a yellow cab is bright but i wanted to capture the night time feel of a city scape so thats what i decided.

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