Thursday, 6 May 2010

Monster Munch

Competition Brief: There were many briefs to choose from ranging from bacardi breezers, H.M Samual to the brief i chose, advertising and increasing the sales of monster much crisp amongst students. I liked the thought of this brief and saw it as a lot of fun, i am after all a student so i already know and are around the market im aiming for, also monster munch and the monster characters they have can be played with and brought to life in a fun way i thought.

My first idea was to grab the most studenty looking geezer i know (Johnny from Work) shabby long hair, unwashed, beany hat, dirty sneakers, scruffy jeans and constantly hungover... he fit the bill, and i wanted to do a juno like 'walking in the street to the shops to buy monster munch' stopframe animation. i love the style of stopframe animation and how home made and rustic it can look but still maintaining its professional feel. this was what i wanted, not quite perfect crisp animation but still great all the same. As the idea was coming about it naturally changed as the focus on the student was taking away the limelight from the monsters.

I decided to make the animation as if it were being seen from the eyes of the student, walking in the shop, buying the monster munch and suprisingly being served by the monsters and them reacting to which monster munch flavour he grabs.

This allowed me to use the camera from my eye and direct the animation completely using photos from my camera. I was pleased with this idea and tried to take it as far as, the photoshop and after effects work was tedious, making an image move is a lot of work with such a short resulting animation that you end up with.

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