Monday, 7 September 2009

I Am Legend

These Videos Are From I Am Legend The Extra DVD Footage. This Is A Great Interpretation On The Worlds Situation During This Period. This Story Above Based In India Uses Touching Music For A Hard Issued Story, The Animation Is Fantastic With The Type Being Shown Via Speech Bubbles Rather Than Spoken, This Gives A Comic Type Feel But Takes Nothing From What We Are Seeing On The Screen Showing One Families Struggle For Survival.

This Story Based In China Has Beautiful Paintings But Is Done In A Way That Is Slow And Calm Just Like The Character We Are Watching. She Has Made Her Decision To Die, To Take Her Own Life. The Music Is Deep And Captures The Hellish Dilemma This Girl Is In. The Paintings Are Aiming For Realism, The Character Could Be Anybody, The Artist Hasn't Sheltered The Situation By Making It Too Cartoon Like.

This Is My Favourite Of The Four Videos, The Story Is Interesting, The Animation Is Clever, The Voice Over With The Speech Bubbles Work Well. I Can See This Being Its Own Film In The 'I Am Legend' Series. The Comic Strip Graphic Novel Feel It Has Intrests Me As I Am A Huge Fan Of Them.

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